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  • The thing that sets Loraine apart from most other massage therapists that I've experienced is the personal touch. Not only is she an excellent massage therapist, but she genuinely seems to care about my wellbeing and my health. I don't ever feel rushed by her and she always gives me her full attention during my treatment. She works from her home, which is very warm and welcoming and every time I've been to her, I've left feeling much better than when I arrived - that just about says it all!.

    Satisfied Customer
  • Having a treatment in the tranquillity of Loraine's nurturing space is like stepping into a little taste of heaven. I've had massages and reflexology from Loraine for the past seven years and every time I go, I arrive tense and wired, and leave feeling nurtured, blessed and calmer. She is an earth angel who gives more than just a hands on treatment. Loraine's wisdom about life and love feeds my soul and calms my spirit. Her nurturing touch is healing and beautiful. I highly recommend regular treatments for any ailment - physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

  • I love my monthly reflexology sessions with Loraine. She is a wonderful therapist and truly cares about her clients, taking a sincere interest in their wellbeing. She is more than just a therapist, she has a deep spiritual knowledge which she takes time to share should you so wish..

    Yvonne Yeats
  • Loraine provides a calming and nurturing environment while she does her massage or reflexology. I have been attending regular massage with Loraine for the past 10 years and she provides a healing and holistic service all round. Her use of special oils to suit your state of mind helps you to release all the stresses and strains being held by the body. In addition to her expertise, her wisdom abounds and you leave the treatment feeling like a new person.

    Ingrid Sellschop
  • My experiences with Loraine have been exceptional! I feel balanced and revived every time I go. Very intuitive, helpful, wise and very very good at what she does! Well worth a visit or ten.

    Sara Prokopowicz
  • I have had the pleasure of knowing Loraine for about 5 years and as my holistic therapist she has helped me in many aspects, both physically and emotional. I highly recommend her treatments and her home is a haven to release and re-connect.

    Carine Fraser
  • I highly recommend Loraine' services. I have been going to her on a regular basis for at least 10 years. She is compassionate, professional and very intuitive. She is very dedicated to healing and helping those who commit themselves to her care.

    Debbie Hemsley
  • I have been seeing Loraine every month for the past 3 years. She restores such a sense of calm with her aromatherapy massage. A very gentle and understanding therapist. I recommend her to everyone, and they are all delighted with either the aromatherapy or the reflexology.