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Astrology is a tool that functions on many levels.  It is at first glance a map of the heavens at the time and lace of a person's birth, revealing simple simple personality characteristics. This map then turns into a clock, revealing the timing of events and the natures of one's life cycles. Essentially however,  astrology is a spiritual path leading to the development of consciousness as one progressively identifies with the Universe revealing the true dwelling place of Self

Counselling Astrologer

My emphasis as a Counselling Astrologer is on the psychological and spiritual aspects of a chart.  This helps you to understand your strengths, natural talents and where you are supported in this life. Also, where your challenges may be, parental influences, health, career etc. The current life cycle in your chart is also very important for understanding the prevailing energies, and ‘how to ride the horse in the direction it is going’, as Lao Tzu said. We all want to move more gracefully and effortlessly through our lives and loves…..

I bring a rich life experience, sensitivity and an extensive knowledge base to each session to support you and counsel you as we explore the beauty and brilliance and insights of the chart. 

The Oracle at Delphi, says “Man, know thyself.”  And Socrates says, “The unaware life is not worth living.”


Natal Chart  1 1/2 Hours  R 750 
Transits & Progressions                    1 1/2 Hours             R 750 
Follow up Chart  1 Hour R 650
Relationship Charts  2 Hours R 950

Consultations are done at my home in Lonehill or via Skype